Thursday, October 29, 2009

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  1. Malcolm Hatherins was just going for his usual friday morning jog around town before his job as a painter.
    Every week, Malcolm could be seen throwing his legs one in front of another, laboring after that impossible goal of physical perfection and a chance for at least a girlfriend.
    Now don't get me wrong, Malcolm wasn't an ugly guy, or an overweight one, he was just a little excessive with his goals and his goal ever sense last april was the new tenant at his apartment... Theo from room C14.
    He would wake up every morning and go for a run around the block to the same spot Theo gets her morning coffee, just hoping to catch her in time for a quick conversation, that's all Malcolm could think of as he threw his body towards the store.
    So today on this wonderful summer morning, his dreams came true, Theo was there, waiting for a good conversation.
    Filled with joy, he ran to her, but one thing a forgot to tell you is that Malcolm is narcoleptic and his symptoms are triggered by blood flow and his excitment took over.
    Malcolm fell and he fell hard smacking his head on the curb, cracking his head all over the street feet away from Theo.