Wednesday, October 21, 2009


  1. As he dragged the prostitutes headless body out of the truck with the cover of mist not realising of the blood splatter he'd be leaving behind.


  2. I invited them down to the warehouse. Told them my friend was a dj, and it would be the most awsome rave they'd ever seen. So young. So foolish. They arrived just as I had expected. I couldn't stop salivating, dribble running down my chin as I watched them from the bushes. They stepped out of the truck as I prepared to draw my first arrow, and had a second and third near at hand. Though my archery lessons had proven resourceful, and I doubted I'd require the third. The boy slammed on the brakes, threw the truck in park, and burst out of the drivers seat with a curse, leaving the door ajar.

    "Shit! Finally here. If I had to hold it another second I'd've pissed myself."

    He moved without hesitation to the the back of the truck to relieve himself while the girl was grabbing some things out of the truck. He was blind to my presence in the shadows and mist directly ahead of him. My arrow flew true piercing his eye, driving on through his brain, and punching out a chunk of his skull as it exited the back of his head with bone shattering force. He dropped like a rag doll and my second arrow was knocked before his body hit the ground. The girl seemed almost oblivious to what had happened, but she had probably heard him drop. She stopped what she was doing in the truck and squinted out into the darkness toward where the boy lay, and where I crouched roughly twenty feet away in the shadows of the bushes.

    "Dan?" She called out his name and paused a moment to listen, then stepped toward the back of the pickup. "Dan?" She called again some irritation in her voice. "Com'on, quit messin around! If you jump out and scare me I swear I'll never talk to you again."

    I could almost sense the fear creeping up through the dark recesses of her mind. And almost hear the small voice screaming at her that 'something is terribly wrong here'. She took another step and gasped as she saw the outline of a body laying ahead of here. Before she could take another step she gasped again as my razor-edged, broad-tipped arrow shredded through her neck, severing her spine and crippling her body. She dropped and twitched as I retrieved my third arrow from where I had stuck it in the ground and broke from my cover. I walked to the bodies and spread out the large plastic sheet they would be wrapped in till I could begin my nights work of preparing their meat. Time was of the essence. I had to work fast now before they grew cold and before flies could spoil the meat. I removed my arrows from their bodies. The girl still had some fading life in her so I left her to finish dying while I went to work on stripping the clothes from the boy. With both of them stripped and their clothes bagged up for disposal, I rolled them both up together in the thick plastic folding the ends and zip-tying them to keep out the pests. I labored under their weight as I carried them bundled together into the back of the warehouse where I could remove the heads, drain the blood, strip the skin, remove the organs, and prepare the meat properly. Their clothes burned in a barrel out back of the warehouse as I set to work. After preparing the meat I'd have to do something about the truck and the mess they'd left on the pavement outside. But for now I grinned as I thought of the wonderful feast that lay ahead. I'd eat well tonight, with lefovers for days to come.