Monday, October 19, 2009


  1. Victim's Name: John Doe

    Time of death: Approximately between 13.06 and 13.08. No body found. Victims blood left in a puddle.

    Eye-Witness report: Strange blue light came from the sky, we heard screaming, and a loud fizzing noise, he was like floating for a few seconds and the guy just disappeared!His body just sucked itself in through his bellybutton and all we saw was a pop and blood splashing onto the floor. Then the sky flashed like lightning and I swear I saw a flat shiny object disappear into the clouds.
    - Anonymous

    Conclusion: Inconclusive

  2. "That cloud looks like my 1st grade math teacher" the invisible man thought as he crossed the street.

  3. Damn! Talk about that time of the month. I hope Leticia has learned her lesson and will start wearing panties at ALL times. Going commando my ass!

  4. oh my word...this one is definately an overbleed of mentruation...