Monday, October 19, 2009

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  1. "I Felt the Sunrise this morning, i felt the morning rain, each drop as it hit the ground.

    Thie city was alive as i have felt before ... i have been here a long while.

    I wasn't real until you looked at me, i felt my body take shape, define dimensions, if you had looked away i might have been gone, but you did not. You rushed over to me knowing not who i was or where i had come from.

    In a moment I became your Fascination, your Freedom perhaps even your release ... and with absolute ease you shot me down ... the hesitation was idle at best.

    I am free now ... my duty is complete.

    The waiting is finally over ...

    the waiting is over ...

    the waiting is over ...

    the waiting is over ..."

    Rudi Lotter.