Thursday, October 29, 2009

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  1. Man... who'da thought it would end like this... They call me Lucky Eddy for Chrissake! Guess my luck ran out. Serves me right for buying into some bullshit that I was born under a lucky star. 3 near-fatal shootings... dozens of car crashes whilst chasing some punk or running from five-oh... Od'd a coupla times... shit, I even beat cancer. I always pulled through, like I had some guardian angel watching over me or summing. You woulda bought into that bullshit too. Now... I've done my share of bad shit... murder, dealing drugs, running guns, pimping... looking back I'm surprised I lasted this long. I never was a saint and yeah, some of you may say, "he had it coming"... but to go out like this?! Shot by some punk kid because I ghosted his daddy. Truth be told... I really liked that kid... really loved his momma. What else could I do? Hi daddy was a no-good SOB who beat on him and his momma, treated them like dirt. They were nothing to him, just something to amuse his sick-ass mind. When I took him out I thought... no hold up... I KNEW I did the right thing... the only thing... but that sent my sister over the edge and I lost her forever... yeah... she was married to that piece of shit... yeah, yeah... I know there are five fingers pointed back at me... but you don't mess with a man's family. Pity that kid took it so personal eh? The one good thing that I've done and it ended so bad... for all of us... especially me. Go figure. Guess luck had nothing to do with it...